Emergency Salt Springs Brewery Poker Party

11040171_10153419839608959_8906284609723657878_nI’m calling an emergency poker party at Salt Springs Brewery. It’ll be much like like our Brewery Becker poker party. We will tour the building, it’s a really a cool place. It was built in 1899 and severed as a church for many years. Much of the historic woodwork has been preserved or repurposed. The stain glass has all be preserved and looks great. The dinning hall has really come together the last week or so.

Our chef, JustinĀ Dalenberg, formerly the exec chef at Zingerman’s Roadhouse, will preparing a the menu as well as playing. It’ll probably be pulled pork, brewery made buns, and oneĀ Belgian waffle grilled cheese for Tom.

I am working as the Assistant Brew Master. We have brewed 2 IPAs, a pale ale, porter, cherry stout, saison, hefeweisen, and kolsch.

We’ll met at the brewery about 7:00 pm Wednesday, July 15th, to get things started. The address is:
117 S Ann Arbor St
Saline, MI

All medical conditions will need to be treated outside of the building. Someone should drive the the Mystery Machine and park in the side lot.

Without question, I’m still the best thing to happen to Cave Poker.