Commander in Chief

President Obama has a 14-2 record on opening day giving him a solid lead in our pool. If your name starts with “T”, you’re tied for second place with a 12-4 record. Obama made good on two #12 seed long shots. Harvard (his alma mater) took it to Cinci and North Dakota State upsetting Oklahoma.


The Positive Effects of Hatred

Geno’s lifetime hatred of all things Ohio State paid the bills. 11th seeded Dayton took it 6th seeded Ohio State. Geno jumped to a 2-0 lead in our brackets. Everyone else is 1-1 with Wisconsin cruising to an easy win.

Fill out your Cave Brackets!

Log in and fill out your Cave Brackets! Look for two tabs just below the header picture. Entry fee is $10. Points are typical, 1-2-4-8-16-32 per winner as the rounds go on.

The Big Ten is well represented with 4 teams that have a real shot at the Sweet 16. Nebraska and Baylor were Big 12 foes but that really won’t be a factor,they haven’t seen each other in 4 seasons. Iowa is in the senseless, laughable, ludicrous, half-witted, meaningless and mindless, inane, half-baked, simpleminded, pointless, brainless, dumb, irrelevant, imbecilic, nonsensical, dopey, trivial, witless, foolish, moronic, unintelligent “First Four” play-in round.

2 Michigan v 15 Wofford
2 Wisconsin v 15 American
4 Michigan State v 13 Delaware
6 Ohio State v 11 Dayton
11 Nebraska v 6 Baylor
11 Iowa v 11 Tennessee

Tourney Matters

Big event is just days away.  Woot.

Do we have start times set for Saturday?  A final standings w/ eligibility status hasn’t shown up but I assume we’ll have enough players to need the play-in phase. If we don’t we could stat earlier and perhaps finish before midnight.

Most importantly, who is bringing what to eat?  I will deal up some hummus and babagatoohardtospell for all day dipping options unless there is a ground-swell for something warm from the crock pot.