Holiday Poker Dates (please vote)

We’ve been talking about having a mid-break tourney. Lets talk dates: Looking at the calendar we have two possible Saturdays, December 28th and January 4th. Please respond to this post with the date that works best for you. Let it be known that Jason can’t make the 28th. Post soon as possible so we can lock down a date.  Specifications will be posted in the coming weeks.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
Kansas State vs. Michigan
Dec. 28, 10:15 p.m. ET

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The Speed of Light

Last night was a real pain in the ass. The cards were being dealt at an amazingly fast rate, nearly the speed of light. It really sucked. I could hardly talk to Geno without being interrupted to bet. Seriously, I didn’t come to play poker just to have my conversations be to interrupted all night. Thankfully Bill showed up and put an end to it.

Versace Sunglasses


At first I didn’t know that “Satchi” was Chris’s nickname. Now I know it is and it comes from Versace sunglasses. You guys are so uncouth you hardly got it right. It’s “Sace.” I have corrected the standings to with Sace.