2014 / 15 format proposal

Season broken into four quarters, each 5 or 6 weeks long.

Each quarter yields one Champion who earns a top-four seat at final table. (The four “winners” will be seeded by their season-long totals for the finals.)

Final table “wild card” seats 5 thru 8 are determined by season long +/- totals. (If someone wins more than one quarter, the number of wild card seats would be increased.)

Seats 9 and 10 are up for grabs via the usual pre-final table among the also-rans, eligible part-timers, dumpster divers, cheap women etc.

The three breaks between the quarters would allow for some tournament style events (off the scoring chart) to give us some variety while we freeze our asses off in the garage.

I haven’t looked too deeply at a calendar, but if we start in October this would wrap up by about the time we all get sick of each other. Again.

Just thinking here. Anybody got anything to say?


Tourney Matters

Big event is just days away.  Woot.

Do we have start times set for Saturday?  A final standings w/ eligibility status hasn’t shown up but I assume we’ll have enough players to need the play-in phase. If we don’t we could stat earlier and perhaps finish before midnight.

Most importantly, who is bringing what to eat?  I will deal up some hummus and babagatoohardtospell for all day dipping options unless there is a ground-swell for something warm from the crock pot.